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Asutosh Museum

Asutosh Museum of Indian Art happens to be the initial museum in any Indian University, which ruins open to public. Asutosh museum was founded in 1937.

The arcade of wood and metal statue, across the passage is no less alluring for the visitor. Unusual items from Nepal and Tibet and from Orissa occur to be the hallmark of this branch of the Asutosh Museum of India Art. The syncretistic blend icon of Siva Lokesvara from Barisal, Bangladesh, a Vishnu standing in Samapadasthanka stance from Sagardighi, district Murshidabad and a seated poised Buddha from Jhewari in Chittagong. Orissa, the spiritual land of temples, was proficient in metal modeling.

The Museum remains open to the private from 11am to 5pm on Monday to Friday.

Location : The Centenary Building of Calcutta University, of Kolkata city in West Bengal