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The first group is played along an "alley", most commonly of wood. Here the players attempt to score points by throwing a ball to knock down pins. Included in this group are

Ten-pin bowling
Five-pin bowling, played in Canada
Nine-pin skittles
Candlepin bowling, played in eastern Canada and New England, is a variation of ten-pin bowling, where the player gets to roll a small ball three times per frame instead of two, and fallen pins are not removed between throws.
Duckpin bowling, commonly found in the Baltimore, Maryland area, in central Connecticut, and in eastern Canada, is another variation of ten-pin bowling, where the player rolls three times per frame toward small, squat pins.
The second group is played on a lawn, usually outdoors. Here the players throw a ball (which may be eccentrically weighted) in an attempt to put it closest to a designated point. This group includes

Lawn bowls