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Collecting Art

Although today the word art usually refers to the visual arts, the concept of what art is has continuously changed over centuries. Perhaps the most concise definition is its broadest-art refers to all creative human endeavors, excluding actions directly relatxcluding actions directly related to survival and reproduction.

Art both explores human emotions and ways to produce them - and good art brings something new and original in either of these two respects.

Artists, purposely or not, work under the influence of other artists of the past and present. Much of the development of individual artists deals with finding structured principles for how to express certain ideas through various kinds of symbolism. For example, Vasily Kandinsky famously developed his use of color in painting through a system of stimulus response, where over time he gained an understanding of the emotions that can be evoked by color and combinations of color.

Contemporary artist Andy Goldsworthy, on the other hand, chose to use the medium of found natural objects and materials to arrange temporary sculptures; the only record of these sculptures brought back to the world comes in the form of a modest photograph.

It is frequently argued that art cannot be defined, partly because people's standards for judging what is or is not art are completely subjective.