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Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts include an entire host of activities and hobbies that are related to manufacture things with one's own hands and skill. These can be sub-divided interested in handicrafts or "traditional crafts" and the rest. Some arts and crafts have been practiced for hundreds of years, while others are modern inventions, or popularizations of crafts which were originally practiced in a tiny geographic area.

The particular name Arts and Crafts movement was also given to a design movement of the late 19th and early 20th century, whose proponents included William Morris and Edwin Lutyens. They supposed that medieval craftsmen achieved a joy in the quality of their work, which they strove to follow. These actions are called crafts because originally many of them were professionals. Youngsters were apprenticed to a master-craftsman, and they developed their skills above a period of years. By the time their instruction was complete, they were well-resourced to set up in deal for themselves, earning their living with the talent of their hands. The Industrial Revolution and the increasing mechanizations of construction processes slowly reduced or eliminated many of the roles expert craftspeople played, and today 'crafts' are most commonly seen as a kind of hobby.

Most crafts need a combination of skill and talent, but they may even be learnt on a more basic level by someone. Plenty of Community centers and schools run evening or day classes and workshops offering to teach basic craft skills in a short time period. Plenty of these crafts become popular for brief periods of time, spreading quickly among the crafting population as everyone emulates the first examples.

Types Of Arts/Crafts:

There are as lots of variations on the theme of 'arts and crafts' as there’s crafter with time on their hands, but they can be broken down in to a variety of categories as follows.

  • Textile Crafts
  • Clay or Glass Crafts
  • Paper or Canvas Crafts
  • Metalworking Crafts
  • Crafts Involving Plants
  • Wood Crafts

Handicraft, also often called craftwork or basically craft, is a kind of work where useful and decorative devices are made wholly by hand or using only simple tools. I to usual means of manufacture goods. Handicrafts are usually thought about more traditional work, created as a necessary part of every day life, whilst "Arts and Crafts" implies more of a hobby pursuit and a demonstration/perfection of a creative method.


Museums are the guardian of the left overs and other information that are vital in tracing the evolution of the civilization. About all the cities house museums where the ancient heritage lies safely for human scan. Various objects like ancient pots, jewelleries, manuscripts, paintings, weapons, sculptures and costumes are to be establishing in the museums.

Arts and Crafts Museums

Orissa Museum Tamilnadu Museum
Manipur Museum Kerala Museum
Gujarat Museum Assam Museum
Uttarakhand Museum Haryana Museum
Himachal Pradesh Museum West Bengal Museum
Andhra Pradesh Museum Bihar Museum
Madhya Pradesh Museum Chandigarh Museum
Delhi Museum Goa Museum